What we do
We specialise in rating players and predicting the outcomes of matches and competitions. We provide advice to football clubs, and we are also a leading provider of betting advice, where we have helped our clients achieve outstanding returns for over 10 years.
Our vision
The company was founded with one clear vision in mind: to become the number one experts on football. We use a unique approach that combines subjective input from highly skilled analysts and innovative modelling techniques, which we believe can take our understanding of the game to new levels.
Tested Insights
Our insights are stress-tested every day for clients in the betting industry. We run a sophisticated testing infrastructure to continuously monitor and validate the quality and accuracy of our data. We combine automated testing with a commitment to analyst training and alignment to ensure our intelligence is delivered with confidence.
Unique approach
Our approach uses a qualitative methodology that sets us apart from our competitors. We continue to advance our understanding by redefining how football is understood. By managing the pipeline from data collection through to modelling and odds compiling, we are truly innovating the industry.
Scale of operations
We currently cover over 50 leagues worldwide in addition to national cups and international competitions.
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