Become an expert player analyst
Our Liverpool office is home to our Player Analysis team. Opened this year, player analysts here watch games in extremely high detail using our unique framework to measure player performance from several leagues. This team is at the forefront of the football analysis industry, providing our models with highly unique information. This is one of the fastest growing areas at Football Radar.
Role & Team
You will be working alongside other football experts who are passionate about understanding which players are better than others. Player analysts regularly spend between 8-10 hours to analyse one game of football from a growing number of leagues, using multiple scales from our framework to assess player actions and movements. In the role, you will be continuously developing your knowledge by undergoing training experiences where you will learn better ways to assess player attributes and skill level. As you can imagine we enjoy a lot of football quizzes and you’ll have the chance to get involved with these and many other fun socials.
What you need
You will have sheer football passion and an ability to focus for prolonged periods. We are not necessarily looking for people who have already been analysts or scouts, however, we are looking for people who have the attention to detail of a scout along with the diligence of a performance analyst. As we are continuously innovating you will need a willingness to learn and desire to improve through feedback. Working hours are flexible and analysis is performed Monday to Friday at our comfortable office.
Sean's story
Player analyst
Growing up in the football-mad city of Liverpool, it was never an option to not love the game. After working with my previous employer for many years I felt I needed a fresh change of career, and I was luckily directed to the FR website by a friend. I applied, took the gamble and it was the best career decision I have ever made.

I’m really happy to be working in an industry that interests me, doing something that drives my passion for football and learning new skills along the way. It’s fascinating to analyse players from different teams and leagues in so much detail.

Like all new jobs, there was lots to learn in the beginning and it continues to be challenging, however, the team around me are fantastic and have helped me to settle into the role quicker than I thought possible. I can also say that the job has also made me feel much more relaxed at home, and has had a positive effect on my mental wellbeing.
Lawrence's story
Player analyst
Football has been a part of my professional life since I left university, so I’m lucky enough to have witnessed how football organisations operate along the way. I can say that Football Radar treats its staff very well with a wide array of benefits, from healthcare to days out along with rewarding those who produce top performance. The office environment is extremely welcoming and there is a passion to be the best company in the football industry, with each member of the team having a desire to play their part in the company’s success.

As a player analyst data collector you are expected to possess exceptional levels of concentration, be extremely diligent towards your work and demand the very best from yourself to achieve high levels of accuracy. If you enjoy a challenge, want to feel part of something quite special and have a meticulous attitude, Football Radar is a fantastic place to be.
Application process
Share your CV and tell us what will make you a great player analyst.
We’ll send you some online video-based football tests for you to prove your level of understanding.
A half-day event where you will meet the team and learn more about the company and role. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability by partaking in a mix of football and non-football related exercises.
Final Interview
Where we can learn more about you and you can tell us why you’re the right fit for our team.
Flexible working hours
Train travel discount
Competitive pension plan
Health plan
Gym membership discount
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