Become an expert match analyst
Our Plovdiv office in Bulgaria is the home of our Match Analysis team. Opened in 2017, the team has now grown to over 60 analysts watching games from leagues all across the world. Our match analysts watch matches both live and recorded using our unique framework which drives our models in real-time to help us change the game.
Role & Team
You will be working alongside other football experts who are passionate about analysing matches more than your average fan. Match analysts watch many live games from across the world using a specialised live framework and also analyse recorded games to obtain further analysis. In the role, you will be continuously developing your knowledge by undergoing new training experiences where you will learn better ways to assess match events. As you can imagine, we enjoy a lot of football quizzes and you’ll have the chance to get involved with these and many other fun socials.
What you need
You will have a high level of football passion and an ability to focus for prolonged periods. Our company language is English and we require a high level of spoken English and comprehension, along with good writing skills. We are not necessarily looking for people who have already been analysts before, however, we are looking for people who have the required level of attention to detail and understanding. As we are continuously innovating you will need a willingness to learn and desire to improve through feedback. Working hours are in line with the football fixtures, so regular evenings and weekends is the working pattern and our comfortable office is open 24/7.
Hristo's story
Match analyst
Working at Football Radar is a real pleasure and a privilege for me. Before becoming a Match Analyst I was always asking myself “What job will I enjoy and be satisfied with?”. Working at Football Radar I have found the answer.

At Football Radar you can challenge and improve your knowledge and football expertise every day and that is why the work never gets boring. Being surrounded by great football analysts makes me proud to be part of a team that is changing the way football in analysed. The office atmosphere is a really motivating and friendly one, and we also have regular football related socials and other events which are great fun to get involved in.
Tanya's story
Match analyst
This is my dream job. Watching football is now even more than a passion for me and my point of view is no longer that of a typical football fan. This role gives me an opportunity to look at every action of a game in great detail, using unique methods to view the game in a way no one else can.

Being part of the smartest team of people in football is demanding but never fails to be exciting. As a match analyst it is very important to be focused, committed and motivated to improve yourself and your analysis as the team and company continue to evolve the way we watch football. It is amazing to watch teams and leagues all over the world, working alongside other experts from different places. There is always the opportunity to develop your understanding with support from the team who are always on hand to offer support and expertise. I am very happy that I turned my hobby into my profession and I am able to do what I love!
Application process
Share your CV and answer our questions, telling us how you can help us change the game.
Tell us how you are a football expert and demonstrate your suitability for the role.
A half-day event where you will meet the team and learn more about the company and role. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability by partaking in a mix of football and non-football related exercises.
Where we can learn more about you and you can tell us why you’re the right fit for our team.
Flexible working hours
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Sports vouchers
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Coffee and fruit
Fun socials
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