Working in analysis
Our League Analysts work remotely from around the world providing expert opinion and information on specific leagues. These opportunities are suited to true league experts who are fully immersed in the football and culture of the league’s country they are covering. Each league analyst role is unique and may either be performed part time or full time, aligned with the schedule of the fixture list.
You will be working remotely on a consultancy basis researching and providing specific league information and opinion. You will be working alongside other consultants working on different leagues who are passionate about football of that country. Depending on different league variables some opportunities offer more hours of work than others. This is a great opportunity for a football expert to collaborate with an innovative team and company.
You will need to demonstrate that you have real expertise and knowledge of a specific league(s) as well as having a strong grasp of the language and culture of the league’s country. Monitoring leagues across the year can be demanding and we expect a high level of commitment when working with us.

If you’re interested in any open vacancy or would like to express any interest of possibly working with us in the future, please get in touch.
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Elliot's story
League analyst
Working for Football Radar was a very welcome new challenge. Being able to work from home and at my own convenience has enabled me to turn a hobby (following the MLS league) into a fully paid opportunity. In my work, I undertake and provide comprehensive research into teams and players which is hugely exciting, and I am challenged to always find any further possible information which helps the company know more than anyone else.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside other experts on different leagues and there is always clear direction as to what we are trying to achieve. There is also great support around and you can get to know other football experts and learn about different football cultures. Everyone at the company is incredibly friendly and I’ve been made to feel extremely welcome.
Dennis's story
League analyst
Being able to work in football has always been a dream of mine, and Football Radar has provided me the platform to do so. The company looks for people with a big passion and knowledge of specific leagues, as well as football in general. It is a great company to work with if you love researching and analysing the game, and there is a level of insight and understanding to go into that I would say is truly unrivalled.

My experience in providing Swedish league analysis has been extremely positive. People I work with are very professional and communication across the team is great. It’s fulfilling to know that all my knowledge on the league is very well received, and in return, I am continually pushing myself to develop my understanding and level of expertise in this league area.
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We believe that football should be inclusive and we are committed to creating a workplace that is free from discrimination, where people can bring their whole selves to everything we do. We are proud to be a member of Stonewall’s “Diversity Champions” programme.
We recognise that football has an important role in giving back to the community. Inspired by this we are partners with “Football Beyond Borders”, an educational charity which uses the power of football to support disadvantaged people.
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