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Kick off your career in football at Football Radar. Working here will give you the best possible start for a career in the football industry. You’ll immerse yourself in our industry leading approach to football analysis, whilst developing skills and gathering experiences that will stay with you throughout your entire working life.


To be the world’s leading experts in football, we harness our shared passion into a serious understanding of the game. Our branch is packed full of football knowledge and insight, but also filled with people who approach the game scientifically, with a real thirst to dissect the game. At Football Radar, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best football minds in the world. This is not a job for an armchair supporter!


Since we are in a global industry, the work at Football Radar never stops. A lot of Analyst work is during evenings and weekends, and follows the rhythms of the fixture list. Our Analysts work hard. They work pretty much every weekend and many work late nights and early mornings as well. They’re extremely committed, and you’ll need to be too. You’ll need a meticulous nature and a rigorous attention to detail to go along with your passion for analysing football.



Football Data Entry Analyst

“Football became a passion of mine many years ago and working for Football Radar has been a unique chance to broaden my knowledge of the game, which has been challenging from the very beginning.
This role gives me the opportunity to explore football from a completely different angle, which has made me admire it even more. I appreciate being among extraordinarily professional colleagues who inspire me to learn and grow every day and I am happy that I was brave enough to take the challenge and test my football expertise.

The Football Analyst role is diverse and demanding as you have to be at your best for every match and completely focused to provide quality data. I would say it is an art, of sorts; you implement your unique personal view into assessing football events and often there is more than just one way to look at things, which for me is an essential part of the learning process. Our evaluations are extremely important, since they influence the end product and ultimately lead to the success of the company. So, if you think you can contribute with a special vision and hard work ethic, you have found your place.”


Football Data Supervisor

“When I heard that Football Radar was opening a branch in Bulgaria, I knew that this was my chance to turn my passion and hobby into my profession. From the very first day here as an Analyst I realised how big the difference is between being a regular fan, who loves the game and being a professional Football Analyst. I understood that only the smartest people in football can identify these specific little details that can impact the outcome of the whole game. We have these people at Football Radar and I am really happy to say that I am one of them.

I have learnt here that to be good at something is not enough, if you don’t also help others to get better. As a Supervisor, I have that chance. Now I’m not only trying to improve myself every day, but I am able to help my colleagues throughout their own journeys analysing the game that we all love. To be the best in something, you have to learn from and be surrounded by the best and I am excited that our Analyst team here in Bulgaria have this chance thanks to Football Radar.”


Polish League Analyst

“As an Analyst at Football Radar your job is challenging, diverse and never dull. It is a role in which you are given a lot of autonomy, and although support and feedback is provided when needed, a great deal of faith is placed in your knowledge and expertise. In return, you are expected to be resourceful, meticulous and diligent in delivering consistently high quality work, whilst always being open and adaptable to new ideas.

I graduated from university with a good degree in Film Studies which, on the surface, did not exactly lend itself to a career in football statistics, but it is surprising how transferable some skills end up being (such as taking apart something you are passionate about and understanding how it is made).”


Lead League Analyst

“The best part of the job is it allows you to totally immerse yourself in your league. Over time you learn every intricacy of your teams and players and truly become an expert in your field. I think you can safely say that our Analysts know more about their leagues than anyone else in the world.

Being meticulous is vital as assessing information correctly can come down to the smallest detail. Dedication to the role is also key, this is not your regular 9am-5pm job so you have to be willing to put in the hours to get the rewards. Thinking on your feet and being willing to make marginal yet informed decisions is also an important trait to have as an Analyst.”

To be a great Analyst I think it takes a keen eye for detail, the ability to stay focused over long periods and a willingness to challenge the existing methods of Football Analysis. The role is far from just ‘watching football’ – it requires you to approach the beautiful game with a whole different mindset. If you can embrace that unique style of thinking and put in the hard work too, you’ll have all the qualities needed to succeed at Football Radar.”


On top of a fantastic education in Football Analysis, you’ll be well looked after. Our benefits plan is geared towards your health and well-being and we have some great clubs and socials to get involved in; we offer a fantastic office space, transport benefits, food vouchers and sports cards! For great work, we also reward with performance bonuses.



We're looking for the best so ensure that your CV is up to scratch and that we can clearly identify what your capabilities are. Also, be sure to tell us how you're passionate about analysing football and why you'd be a great Football Analyst.


If we like what we see in your CV, we'll give you a call for a short interview and give you a bit more information on the role. As we're looking for the brightest football experts, we'll also ask you some questions to test your knowledge and passion for the beautiful game.


Prepare yourself for an action-packed morning. Your football knowledge and understanding will be tested to the max with our specially crafted tests. There'll also be opportunities for you to shine in a short interview and on an ability test.


If you make it through our Assessment Centre, well done! Here you will spend time with our managers who would like to get to know you more. Make sure you've done your research on the job!


Welcome to our lab! You'll be spending the next weeks as a trainee Analyst with us, learning with others in a group to understand our unique way of analysing football. We'll be helping you put your skills into practice!


Congratulations! After you've completed training you're officially an Analyst at Football Radar. Time to get stuck in and begin analysing football amongst the smartest people in the industry. Before that though, time for a celebration!


At Football Radar, we analyse and predict football matches. As a backend engineer you’ll have the chance to help build and maintain all the software that makes that possible – everything from modern web applications to statistical models, real time data platforms to cloud infrastructure. Our backend engineers are involved in everything the company does and deal with all kinds of different challenges.

A lot of our code is in Scala, which we are using increasingly, but we still have lots of PHP code, and a few odds and ends in other languages. You don’t need to know Scala for this role, however: we’ll help you learn it if you don’t know it, and many of our engineers had no real Scala experience before they started. We are just looking for great programmers who are passionate about their work. If you like a challenge, and want to work with really smart people, we would like to hear from you.


  • Above average programming ability
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Experience of working with web applications
  • Available to work in the UK
  • Senior and junior applicants welcome


  • Computer science degree, or equivalent knowledge
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Full stack development experience
  • Functional programming knowledge


We have a polyglot and diverse engineering team. Some have a background in start-ups, some in academia, some are refugees from the bureaucracy of finance. We have a handful of specialists, but we’re mostly full-stack generalists.

Our recent projects have included: simulating millions of minutes of football; modelling player performance; backtesting new ideas for our statistical models; web applications for our analysts to record brand new information about football matches; and turning static pages into complex live updating pages.

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