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Our data science department brings together people from a wide variety of backgrounds: computer science, economics, engineering and philosophy, all united by an interest in football and digging into the data behind it. There isn’t really a perfect background or skillset to be a data scientist; we are looking for anyone who can bring new skills and perspectives to our team. The success of our company is built on a culture of innovation, and we want to keep innovating and developing new ideas.


We mostly use Python and MySQL, but you don’t need prior experience in them; in fact you don’t really need to be a technical expert at all – you need a curious mindset, good analytical skills and an ability to communicate your ideas to others. The problems we wrestle with are often complex, and the data is often imperfect. You should have no fear of uncertainty and working on problems with ambiguous answers. Our analysts register a lot of data in-house, which means we usually have high quality data to work with. We can spend less time data munging and more time on modelling and understanding the data.


We encourage a culture of empowerment, transparency and knowledge-sharing: we want to give our data scientists the information and tools they need to solve problems, and trust them to find the best solutions. We also have a strong learning culture – as a passionate data scientist we’d expect you to constantly wish to up-skill, something Football Radar will enthusiastically support.



Data Scientist

The data science team spends its time trying to draw interesting and business-relevant conclusions from Football Radar’s extremely high-quality data. We aim to do this in a way that is fully up to date with the latest best practice in sports analysis, statistics and software development.

It’s a fantastic place for anyone who is eager to learn how many ways there are to control a football, how to fit multi-level statistical models or how best to collaboratively manage computer code.

Before starting at Football Radar I did a PhD in philosophy of probability, and had very little programming experience. I’ve been really well supported in improving in this area – there’s always someone around who’s happy to point you in the right direction. I’ve also been encouraged to pursue independent research into potential new ways of doing things and put them into practice.

The best thing about working here is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Every employee’s contribution is valued, there is always something fun going on and things are invariably managed in a relaxed, transparent and professional way.


Data Scientist

One of the best things about Football Radar is the value they place on personal development. I joined the company as a Match Analyst with a mathematical background and I’ve been given a lot support to develop my skills. I’m now part of the Data Science team where we aim to improve our understanding of football by combining quality data with the latest statistical methods.

The data science team works closely with all areas of the company so the work is quite diverse. Some days you’ll be discussing the pros and cons of a new modelling approach and others you’ll be studying clips of a recent game. There’s a nice working balance in the team, you are given the freedom to decide your own solution to a problem but people are always happy to discuss and debate ideas.

There is a lot going on for people to get involved in outside of work too; charity links, social events and sports clubs. The office building itself is pretty sweet and a lot of effort goes into creating a laid back, friendly place to work.



We're looking for the best so ensure that your CV is up to scratch and that we can clearly identify what your capabilities are.


Prepare yourself, our telephone interviews will test your data science capabilities as well as allow us to learn a little bit more about you. We like to put a personality to an application so now is your time to shine!


If you make it through our phone interview, well done! Here you will spend time with our managers who would like to get to know you more. Make sure you've done your research on the job!


Congratulations! You're officially an Data Scientist at Football Radar. We'll drop you a line to ask you what hardware you'd like and to give you a run down on your first day, including the all important welcome breakfast. Before that, time for celebration!


At Football Radar, we analyse and predict football matches. As a backend engineer you’ll have the chance to help build and maintain all the software that makes that possible – everything from modern web applications to statistical models, real time data platforms to cloud infrastructure. Our backend engineers are involved in everything the company does and deal with all kinds of different challenges.

A lot of our code is in Scala, which we are using increasingly, but we still have lots of PHP code, and a few odds and ends in other languages. You don’t need to know Scala for this role, however: we’ll help you learn it if you don’t know it, and many of our engineers had no real Scala experience before they started. We are just looking for great programmers who are passionate about their work. If you like a challenge, and want to work with really smart people, we would like to hear from you.


  • Above average programming ability
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Experience of working with web applications
  • Available to work in the UK
  • Senior and junior applicants welcome


  • Computer science degree, or equivalent knowledge
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Full stack development experience
  • Functional programming knowledge


We have a polyglot and diverse engineering team. Some have a background in start-ups, some in academia, some are refugees from the bureaucracy of finance. We have a handful of specialists, but we’re mostly full-stack generalists.

Our recent projects have included: simulating millions of minutes of football; modelling player performance; backtesting new ideas for our statistical models; web applications for our analysts to record brand new information about football matches; and turning static pages into complex live updating pages.

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